Corpses of 35 Late Term Babies Found at National Womens' Services Abortuary

Police have found the corpses of 35 babies who were aborted late in their mothers’ pregnancies at a Maryland abortuary.  The police were searching for medical records of an 18 year-old girl whose botched abortion ended with her being rushed by helicopter to Johns Hopkins Medical Center.

The victim of the abortion had been ordered by the abortionist to drive some 60 miles from New Jersey, where the abortion procedure commenced,  to Maryland, where the doctor had another facility.  (Its not clear, but it appears that the doctor was not licensed to perform late-term abortions in New Jersey; he was, apparently, in Maryland.)

The doctor, who owns National Womens’ Services, has had his medical license suspended a number of times over the last 18 years, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, which provided these additional details:

On Aug. 12, an 18-year-old woman, 21 weeks pregnant, signed abortion consent forms at Brigham’s Voorhees facility, at 1 Alpha Ave. Brigham then inserted the absorbent rods that widen the cervix.

On Aug. 13, the patient returned to the Voorhees clinic, with “the understanding that she would be provided transportation to Philadelphia” for the surgical phase of the abortion.

Instead, “Dr. Brigham . . . instructed [her] and the other women who were scheduled to complete abortions to form a line of cars and follow the lead car to a location where the abortion would be performed.”

After botching the abortion and cutting through the young woman’s uterus into her bowel and vagina, the doctor refused to call an ambulance and, instead, put her into the back of a rented Chevrolet Malibu to drive her to the hospital.  There, doctors inquired about what had happened, but the abortionists, Dr. Steven Brigham and Dr. Nicole Riley dodged the questions.  The young woman, who was in critical condition, was transferred by air to Johns Hopkins while the abortionists returned to their facility to perform the next siabortion.

The victim of the abortionists called police and her medical records were subpoenaed from the Maryland abortion facility.  Police executing a warrant found the gruesome discovery of 35 late-aborted babies sitting in a freezer.

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