Ron Paul is the path to GOP victory in 2012 and beyond

It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota yesterday; we don’t often have temps in the 50s in January.

I was at a GOP caucus planning meeting for my local BPOU yesterday evening, and we were taking the opportunity to discuss our Presidential candidates. We’ve got a Newt supporter, a Santorum supporter, some people who didn’t say a preference, and I’m a long time Paul supporter.

The Republican Party has a problem: While the frontrunner only has the support of the “establishment” moderate wing of the party (about 1/3 of the votes apparently), the vote of the party’s true believers, the conservatives, is split across several candidates.

The spectre of Mitt Romney gaining the nomination is looming before us. I call it a spectre because it is like the ghost of 2008. (How exactly DID we get McCain as our nominee, anyhow?) Does the Republican party really want to run another moderate? How would Romney have any credibility to run against Obama-care, the single biggest get-out-the-vote issue we have? I’m telling you now, if we run another moderate for President, we’ll end up losing to Obama again. We need to present a CLEAR CHOICE to the American people.

My friend (a Santorum supporter) was saying how while he doesn’t like Ron Paul’s foreign policy, he likes that Ron Paul is moving the debate to the right, and moving the other candidates to the right. Then I asked him… wouldn’t you rather have a candidate who cannot be moved?

You like Ron Paul on balancing the budget.

You like Ron Paul on limited government.

You like Ron Paul on taxes.

You like Ron Paul on Liberty and Freedom.

So, you like Ron Paul except on foreign policy?

Ron Paul has a solid core of supporters, and seems to be garnering about 1/5 of the vote. Once you go Paul, you never go back.

I speak to you as a one whose formative years were influenced by Ronald Reagan. I wept openly when he passed away.

I speak to you as one who spent days knocking on doors for W in 2004.

I speak to you as a Fred Thompson supporter in 2008. It wasn’t until Thompson dropped out that I switched to Ron Paul because of his limited government stand. Then I started actually listening to what he has to say about foreign policy. I urge you to really listen, because I’m telling you now, he’s RIGHT.

Ron Paul brings voters to our party, a coalition of the lovers of freedom.

An attempt to rally around any of the other candidates would lose many of Ron Paul’s freedom coalition voters.

If we get behind Ron Paul we can defeat Romney, and we can defeat Obama. Victory!

Not just victory on election night. With Ron Paul as President we won’t have to worry about how far left he’ll backslide now that he’s elected. We won’t have to worry about another Medicare part D.

Let me close with this: We RedStaters love and support the military. We support our troops. Our troops support Ron Paul.

What are you going to do?