Open Letter to America's Creditors

Open Letter to America’s Creditors

   The United States Federal Government is now over $14 Trillion in debt, with more borrowing on the way. These treasuries you’ve been purchasing provide the funds to create one of the most bloated, wasteful, and intrusive governments the world has ever seen.

   Americans by the millions are becoming aware of the situation and, like me, are exerting an ever-growing political influence. Our goal is to make the government smaller, less intrusive, and fiscally responsible. Perhaps you mean well by continuing to lend money to the US government. Perhaps you continue to lend in the mistaken belief it’s in your best interest. Regardless of your motivations, we consider your actions unwise and unhelpful. Ultimately, you are enabling a profiligate, irresponsible welfare state. YOU are part of the problem.

   Accordingly, I am requesting that you cease and desist from purchasing further US Treasury debt. You are hereby notified that if you continue your enabling actions I and millions of patriotic Americans like me will pursue every political and lawful option to ensure that you are NOT repaid.

Thank you for your consideration.