Democrats don't hate the rich

I keep hearing people say that Democrats hate the rich. It seems true, but is actually false; here’s why.

It has to do with semantics. Consider the three classes: lower/poor, middle, upper/rich. To get from one class to the other you have to have a considerable income. Income is what makes you upwardly mobile.

If you are middle class, in order to get to the upper class you need to have a significant income for a considerable amount of time. It is this income which the Democrats want to tax.

The ACTUAL upper class / rich have tax havens, loop holes, etc, to avoid the confiscatory taxation. Rich Democrats designed it that way, and take advantage.

To summarize:  A large income does not make you rich, it makes you upwardly mobile. Democrats don’t hate the rich; they hate the upwardly mobile. But they trick people into thinking that a large income equates to being rich, in order to maintain the class warfare cloak.

In conclusion, I suspect that these wealthy Democrats really want a two tiered social structure:  Lords and serfs. They lost control of their favored system back during the renaissance, and they want it back.