KT McFarland reveals lack of critical thinking skills

KT McFarland just lost her marbles on foxnews.com.

Let’s be honest. No patriotic American likes the idea of those responsible for our national security being incapable of keeping secrets. That being said, KT’s proposed strategy for dealing with the wikileaks trainwreck is remarkably nonsensical.

“Mr. Assange and his fellow hackers are terrorists and should be prosecuted as such.”

Terrorists? Really? When’s the last time Mr. Assange attempted to detonate a bomb in a crowded shopping center or hijack a plane? Perhaps KT’s definition of “terrorist” is reduced to “someone who does something I don’t like.”

“The president needs to get on the phone with the Australians (who are eagerly awaiting our call) and ask them to pull WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s passport. Once he’s cornered and can no longer travel, they can find him and charge him with espionage. Then the president can ask the country he’s hiding in to extradite him to the United States and try him in a military tribunal.”

Exactly what has Mr. Assange done that the New York Times hasn’t done? Correct me if I’m wrong, but to my knowledge Julian Assange isn’t breaking into the Pentagon and stealing information. Like the New York Times, Mr. Assange is the receiptient of classified information, not a spy. Just because he has less loyalty to the United States than does the New York Times (you didn’t think that was possible, did you?) doesn’t mean he can be tried in a “military tribunal”.

Listen, KT. We’re not supposed to be a police state. There are better ways to deal with the wikileaks problem than engaging in intellectual dishonesty and thuggish tactics. Perhaps now would also be a good time to reflect on our foreign policy, and see whether our actions overseas are really serving our best interests. A government out of control on the home front is likely to be out of control in other areas as well.