MN Democrats unable to cheat enough to prevent a recount in the Governor election

It appears the Minnesota Governor election is going into a recount, automatically triggered by less than half a percentage point difference in the tally.

The fraud attempted by Democrats this cycle wasn’t quite enough to prevent the recount.

SOS Mark Ritchie – aka Acorn Boy – has experience in jerry-rigging recounts from when he engineered the great senate heist for Al Franken, but we also know his MO, so anticipate fireworks in the coming months.

On the upside, MN had both chambers of the Legislature go Republican, so even if Ritchie manages to steal this election for Dayton, conservatives are still setting the agenda for Minnesota.

And last night’s coup-de-grace: Oberstar (MN-8) went down in FLAMES! That pork chef was first elected when I was in diapers! Madness!