Norm Coleman to jump into the MN Gov primary race?

To quote Marty Siefert when it comes to the field of Minnesota Gubernatorial Primary candidates, “The Republicans have an embarrassment of wealth; all the Democrats have is embarrassment.” (This after Margaret Anderson Kelliher, the leading Democrat, was found to be cheating on campaign contributions). Indeed, there are several very strong candidates for Governor on the Republican side:

Tom Emmer (my favorite), Marty Siefert, Pat Anderson, David Hann, etc, etc. Any of these fine Republicans would make a great Governor.

Over the holidays it appears most of the movers and shakers in the Republican party received a Christmas card from Norm Coleman (yes, the Norm Coleman who “lost” to Al Franken). Nothing specific, no announcements. Several people were also “polled” by Norm’s organization asking whether they might support him in a bid for the Governor’s office. Again, no announcement, but I think Norm’s intentions are clear. Norm might be banking on his name recognition, but after the last election that might not be so much of a benefit as he thinks.

Norm Coleman is a good example of what has gone wrong with the Republican Party. Big government , go along to get along, the consumate moderate. This state needs Republicans like Tom Emmer who actually stand for something other than Democrat Lite. We need our governor to be a conservative who will fight tooth and nail to reduce the size of government and restore our liberties. Norm Coleman is NOT that man. Minnesota conservatives are planning to resist any move by Norm to jump into the Governor’s race. We’re committed to giving Minnesotans a clear choice, a real conservative!

This could get very interesting.