Americans are not cattle

Having lived all my life in the Midwest, my thoughts can’t help but shift to the dairy farm when considering single payer health care.


While cows graze contentedly in the verdant pastures, not a one of them worries about her health care. A cow doesn’t have to be concerned about whether she’ll be able to afford to have treatment for mastitis or whether she’ll get immunizations for her newborn calf. A cow doesn’t have to go to all the trouble of choosing a good doctor. A cow is content and happy, for the farmer takes care of all her health care and welfare.


The farmer, no matter how kind he may be, is bound by financial constraints. If the cost for a treatment will outweigh the potential profit from the cow, the treatment will be withheld and the cow will be put down. Some cows may be lucky, particularly if they’re good tempered and a favorite pet, but this is the exception rather than the rule.


The thought that our government would want to treat us like a bunch of cows makes me crazy! We are better than cattle. We are citizens, and our government should be our servant, not our master. Yes freedom is sometimes difficult, and sometimes scary, but it’s what makes us human.


If you want to see single payer healthcare in action, go visit a farm.