Time for Israel to abandon ship

Demographics is not Israel’s best friend these days. The arguments over who has the best claim to the land will become a moot point as the Jews are out-populated by those that wish their destruction. With Iran getting closer to a nuke and the Palestinians swelling with population, times are getting more and more dangerous for our Israeli friends. Perhaps the time has come for Israel to abandon ship.

My solution would be to offer a window of unrestricted immigration to the US. This would benefit us as a large amount of wealth and industry are transfered to our shores, and it would benefit the Israelis by helping them get the he|| out of dodge with their assets as intact as possible.

Obviously this would not sit well with those who want to rebuild the temple, and I can’t speak to the Jewish desire to do so. But for those Christians who are encouraging Israel to stay put and help bring about the end times, I say this: Time to go back and re-read Matthew! Your misinterpretation of “End Times” is not only paramount to calling Jesus a false prophet, but it’s extremely dangerous to our friends in Israel.

If you read Matthew carefully, and look at your history books, you’ll see that all the “end times” prophecies that Jesus made have long since been fulfilled. The modern state of Israel has nothing to do with prophecy. The modern state of Israel has to do with Jews being able to protect themselves from harm, and I suggest to you that with the growing threat from their sworn enemies, the protection of the Jewish people might be more effectively accomplished here in the new world.