Look out your window as you drive down the street. Things seem the same as always. People continue to go about their daily tasks: get the kids to school, shop for groceries, run errands. On the surface normality continues on.

Beneath that veneer of calm there is a rage building in the American population. Rage because the people who were supposed to know how to run the economy have turned out to be morons, or criminals, or both. Rage because deep down everyone knows that we’ve been lied to and robbed blind. Rage because the America we thought we knew died a long, long time ago. Rage because we want to do something about it, but don’t know how.

The recent discovery of “Principles” by the Republican party makes me want to scream! Where were these “Principles” when Bush was in office, when they would have actually mattered?

America is bracing for impact. The sham economic system based on paper money and endless credit is coming to an end. Please be prepared.