Obama Derangement *ACTUALLY* looks like THIS



Derangement is a syndrome wholly owned by the left. I know it well, for it has even infected some members of my own dear family. Someday soon they WILL realize that the bandwagon they jumped on is in fact a big stinking garbage truck.

The Devvy Kidd article referred to by Erik’s post is not ODS. It probably seems over the top to people who think we live after, rather than in, history. Do you really think that an ambitious politician would give up persuing the most powerful office in the world just because a small Hawaiian document disqualifies him? Or would he do everything he could to cover it up?


Don’t let the fear of being thought a “crazy” deter you from persuing the truth. Things like this *DO* happen in history. Power is a HUGE motivator, and people are willing to break the rules to get it.