MMX FLEX: Spotlight on MS-1 (you know ... the one with the Fox News correspondent)

Travis Childers (MS-1) is not one of the “MUST GO” congressmen targeted by MMX FLEX. The reason … he voted against cap-and-trade and Obamacare in 2009. However, this should not save him in 2010. To borrow a statement from Mo Brooks (running for AL-5th):

“His vote for [Speaker Nancy Pelosi] has rendered almost every other vote [Travis Childers] has cast meaningless because his vote for Speaker predetermined the outcome of almost every other vote he has cast or will cast. … You can’t be a conservative and vote to empower Nancy Pelosi, [Democratic Rep.] Barney Frank and everyone else of their political persuasion.”

Especially in MS-1, which is a heavily conservative district … voting for McCain by a 25-point margin in 2008.

The local GOP is fired up about taking back this seat … especially after Childer’s vote for the economic stimulus package. Three high-profile candidates facing off for the GOP nomination are state Sen. Alan Nunnelee, former Eupora Mayor Henry Ross, and Fox News political commentator and conservative author Angela McGlowan.

Alan Nunnelee, who bills himself as the “true conservative,” has a strong base of support, receiving financial support from Minority Leader John Boehner, NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, and Governor Haley Barbour. With views like this, we aren’t surprised:

I believe that if you allow individuals, families and small businesses to keep more of their hard earned money they will create the stimulus that our economy needs without placing a huge burden of debt on our children and grandchildren.

While I believe Government should be limited, it does have a role – it can create an environment (through regulatory and tax policy) where small businesses, which are the engine of American job growth, can thrive.

Henry Ross, a retired Naval Reserve Commander and former mayor of Eupora recently announced his candidacy and intention to restore the conservative pillars of American society:

“I want to fight to restore the pillars of faith, family, and freedom on which the founders established this nation. These pillars have provided a strong foundation, but today they are in danger. If any one of them falls, we’ll lose our country. We need conservative fighters, who are willing to pay a political price, if necessary, who will do whatever it takes, to restore the pillars of American society.”

Angela McGowen, former Fox News commentator, conservative activist and author of “Bamboozled: How Americans Are Being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda,” is getting a lot of positive attention after her recent announcement. We’re not surprised after hearing her stirring speeches in front of tea-party crowds over the past several months. However, Angela’s supporters may take a second look after listening to her candid views on the 2nd Amendment.


MMX FLEX is impressed with all three candidates (maybe not McGowen’s 2nd Amendment stance) and believes that the time has come for the voters of MS-1 to take a vote away from Pelosi.

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