Spotlight on Virginia's 5th District ("game changer")

“Seeing how closely divided his district was [in 2008 when he only won by 0.229% of the total vote], you’d think maybe Perriello would have adopted a more moderate or center-right independence. But he hasn’t … He’s done actually the complete opposite. His daily mantra is to poke the people in the district in the eye.” – Chris LaCivita , political stragetist.

In 2009, “Must Go” Congressman Tom Perriello voted lockstep with Pelosi for the $787B “stimulus” plan (where are the jobs?), cap-and-trade legislation (skyrocketing electricity rates aren’t the answer), and government-run healthcare (your constituents don’t want it).

So, it should come as no surprise that the latest unemployment numbers for VA-5 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics don’t look good. In fact, the average unemployment rate in Perriello’s district has increased to roughly 16% … and 20% in the Martinsville.

In a recent interview , Tom Perriello (D) said he’d like to see the rate drop below 10 percent, but didn’t know how likely that was to happen.

“I really don’t know,” Perriello said. “I’m not even trying to be coy. I would say it’s probably a coin flip.”

To say the least, the voters in the 5th district deserve a better response than that. After all, you told them that the stimulus plan would be a “game-changer ” and that it would bring relief to the 5th district. You also told them that cap-and-trade and government-run healthcare was about “creating jobs and competitive advantages” … and that they need to understand that these were “economic votes .”

The voters do understand that the Perriello-experiment has failed.  Perriello’s three legislative wrongs did not right the 5th district’s economy … especially not in Martinsville, Virginia.

MMX FLEX reports that the following candidates will face off in the May 22nd primary for the opportunity to challenge Perriello:

Kenneth Boyd (R)
Ron Ferrin (R)
Robert Hurt (R)
Jim McKelvey (R)
Michael McPadden (R)
• Feda Kidd Morton (R)
Laurence Verga (R)
• Jeff Clark (Independent)
Brad Rees (Independent)

We have not endorsed any candidate at this time.