MMX FLEX: Spotlight on Georgia's 2nd District (Bishop: The Georgia Lap Dog)

Spotlight on Georgia’s 2nd District

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Georgia’s 2nd District is “represented” by “Must Go” Congressman Sanford Bishop, a 9-term self-identified conservative Democrat and member of the “Blue Dog” Coalition. Georgians may love their Bulldogs and even put up with an occasional Blue Dog…but that affection does not transfer to lap dogs … especially lap dogs (like Bishop) who voted for the radical Obama and Pelosi agenda.

Bishop voted party-line for the Stimulus, Cap-and-Trade, and Obamacare! According to the Washington Post, Bishop voted with the majority of his Democratic colleagues a whopping 97.7 percent of the time. The number of congressmen with a more liberal record can be counted on one hand.  Oh yeah, and don’t count Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank … he actually has a more conservative voting record than Bishop!

So how can anyone believe Bishop when he says:

“My vote doesn’t belong to Nancy Pelosi and it doesn’t belong to Barack Obama. It belongs to the people in the 2nd District of Georgia.”
Merle Black, a political science professor at Atlanta’s Emory University, said a final vote on health care would be a defining moment for Bishop if he backed a plan with Obama’s criteria in it – “He’ll basically be seen as an Obama liberal in that district. This could be the most crucial vote he casts.”
We shall see in November … Let’s hope that the voters in GA-2nd ignore Bishop’s rhetoric this time and hold him accountable for his voting record.
Georgia State Representative Mike Keown is challenging Bishop. Mike is a former mayor of Coolidge and currently serves as the vice chairman of the Special Rules committee in the Georgia House. He also serves on the Education, Health and Human Services, and Natural Resources and Environmental committees. Please visit his website to learn more about him (he rides a motorcycle, drives a dirt track race car on Saturday nights, has a permit to carry a concealed weapon ….)

This race should be fiercely competitive throughout the year … Stay tuned.