Health Care Protest in Richmond **TOMORROW 11/20**

If you live near Richmond, please consider attending.  Warner is considered “undecided” and no one ever knows the thought process of Jim Webb.  Meet up at either Senate office at 12:00!  Planned for 12 -2pm.

Join Hundreds of Virginians in protesting the Senate’s Health Care Bill tomorrow! PLEASE stop by during your lunch hour. Vote in the Senate is expected on Saturday. Tell Warner and Webb NO!!! Warner and Webb have not indicated how they will vote yet.

THE PLAN: A sidewalk protest. Warner and Webb’s offices are 4 blocks from each other. Bring your signs and let our senators know that you want them to vote NO to Senator Reid’s Bill.

Warner’s Office: 919 E. Main Street
Webb’s Office: 507 East Franklin Street

Bring your suitcases and tell our senators that: “If you vote for Obamacare…pack your bags!”

Join other great patriot groups who are organizing the protest to include WST-Richmond and Richmond Liberty Alliance.