What Worries Me

What happened in Boston at the world famous Boston Marathon is what I have been worried about for a long time.

This is to say that there would be a successful terrorist bombing at either a major sporting event or at a mall on, let’s just say, Black Friday.

We just saw what happened when a bomb went off at a major sporting event. I am just waiting to see if one will go off at, let’s just say, the Mall of the Americas on the Friday following Thanksgiving.

I know that if would be incredibly dumb for a lone wolf terrorist or a terrorist group to plan on hitting a mall here in America one that particular day but who says that they are smart.

Just think about how many would be killed or injured if a bomb did go off at the Mall of the Americas on Black Friday. Even if it only destroyed one quarter of the mall, it would hurt, maim, or kill tens of thousands of people.

We know something else about these terrorist groups, they do not plan on doing just one bombing at a time. They will plan on several bombings taking place on the same day.

Here in Louisiana, we have the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge. Even though it is not as large as the one in Minneapolis, it is still a large mall and there would be a great deal of damage and casualties in that bombing.

As long as this Administration is leading this country, there is a great probability that that there will be more bombings of the nature of the one that took place at the Boston Marathon. Why? It is because the terrorists know that we have a weak leader in the White House and he will not go after them as hard as other potential Presidents might.


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