Ahead Of His Time

Everyone knows how badly Ross Perot was handled and how badly his campaign was run but, in one respect, he was ahead of his time.

He and his handlers knew knew that Mr, Perot would not get a fair shot to espouse his feelings on the issues of the time.

Sure, he was a flake, but there is a reason why what he said resonated with so many people.

As of this point in time, February 25, 2013, there is a group of people who want the people in Washington DC to get America’s financial house in order.

Perot was talking about the deficit and national debt.

It was a brilliant move for them to allow him to spend, whatever the amount of money it was at the time to put a infomercial on television.

Whomever will be the next republican candidate for President should go to school on this. What he or she should do is to go out and spend the money on an infomercial and run it incessantly on the internet and on the multiple cable channels that will be seeking programs for their late night hours.

I know that I will probably be laughed at, but think of it this way, we know that the mainstream/drive-by/government-run media will try to destroy any republican or conservative candidate.

How many of the people, who a great number of the pundits call the “low information voters,” watch any of the infomercials on any of the numerous products that are advertised.

What the candidate should do is cut several of these infomercials, starting with ones about their personal story. Then, he or she, should cut several about his or her policies.

There is enough time on the numerous cable channels and the internet that these infomercials could run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week thus blunting any attacks on the candidate by the long dead so-called media.

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