Immigration, Just Another Example Of Playing Politics

There is no doubt that the people in Washington DC love to play politics with any give issue. There is one particular side of the isle which does this with all issues and in the most disgusting of ways.

The democrat-progressives.

I am not saying that the republican-progressives do not do this as well but the democrat-progressives are more artful and able to do this.

A good example of this is the immigration debate.

The democrats will demagogue any potential reforms which are brought up.

There are inherent problems which are in their thinking. The first of which is the fact that they are against any type of identification. They say that it is disenfranchising. This is flat out wrong because to drive a car, any adult who wished to drive needs a driver’s license. This can serve as a form of identification.

They think that they are protecting the poor and underprivileged, but they are not. All that they are doing are making more an more people illegal.

The way in which they play politics with this, they they think that the democrat party will grow, they also think that the unions will grow as well.

This thought process is faulty because most Hispanics come from third world countries which are corrupt. Even though they, themselves, may be liberal, they are not communist because all most of them want to do is earn money to send back to the families in their country of choice (mostly Mexico).

Having people show some form of legal identification at places like polling stations is a good idea because it makes elections more legitimate.

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