Documentaries Stink

For the most part, what is supposed to represent documentary film making in America and around the world really reeks.

A very good example of this is a film which was unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival. This film was and is titled After Tiller.

Before we talk about the film we need to establish who this Tiller person is. Tiller refers to George Tiller. This man was made famous because he was a late term abortionist. Late term abortion is a reprehensible act which takes place in the third trimester of a pregnancy.

This so-called doctor took the lives of many babies in there mothers’ thrimesters.

While I did not condone him getting murdered, I do feel that the man is in hell for destroying many innocent lives.

Back to the issue at hand. This so-called documentary.

The persons who put it together were both in their twenties, definitely progressive, and probably have never had a baby.

They made quotes that are chronicled in a Brent Bozell article. These quotes do not do anything but show how ignorant, idiotic and stupid they really are.

They had gotten the permission of the women who appeared in the movie to use their faces and quotes but did not. I feel that the reason why they did not use the actual women who had the procedure done to them was that the majority of those women would have said that is was a mistake for them to do the process and wished they had not done it.

This is just a talking points film which was and is being used to defend a killer.

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