Energy Problems

I have many other Blogs.  One of which is mikefromplaqueminewhatiswhatisknown.blogspot.com.  In a previous post to this blog, I have talked about what constitutes a terrorist.  One of the ideas which I have is of economic terrorists.  I took and put the envrionmentalist nuts into this particular group.

These people have “nutted up” and, because they have the White House, the progressives have been able shut down oil and coal plants.

These people have been able to use the laws, such as the Antiquities Act, to take land which has these particular natural resources under them.

Back on the environmentalist nut-bag front, these people have shut been able to use terror to shut down companies from drilling for oil.  They have threatened to kill people and destroyed expensive radio equipment. They have forced the government to cap what would normally be productive oil wells because of so-called endangered animals that the local people have yet to see.  They have lead to people losing their jobs and thus worsened those particular local economies.

As long as the current idiot of a president remains in the White House, it will be increasingly difficult for us to get on the road to getting our energy independence and away from the energy which is provided from the Middle East.