Adding Up

Big spending+high taxes+high unemployment+tea party=loss of the next election for a particular president (alleged-president)

There are polls that say that the current alleged-president is going to get reelected.  Those particular polls are, I think, wrong.  Everyone knows that some polls are overweighted to the progressive side of the isle.  These particular polls are also worded in such a way that they get the answers the progressives want.

Back to the equation at the top of this post.

The alleged-president has, before the raising of the debt ceiling, increased spending.  He did this through his universal health care bill and stimulus.

The more of his policies he puts forward, the higher the unemployment goes.   He promised not to have the rate of unemployment go above a certain number.  It has gone way past that point.

Another promise broken.

It has been proven that progressives love to tax people.  It can be said that they even love to overtax people. Their socialism says that taxing is a good thing.  It all goes to the fact that they think of think of themselves a Robin Hoods’.  They like to say that they are taking from the rich to give to the poor. What they do not understand is that Robin Hood did not do this, at least not in the way they think. What he did do was to take from the government and give to the people.

Finally, there are the Tea Party.  The Tea Part’s main issue is, has been, and remains to be the high spending and unprecedented debt.  They showed the people remain to have some power in the political story of the nation.

All of this adds up to the historic midterm election on the national, state, and municipal levels.  It will also add up to the same happening in the next election.