Republican College Student From MA Who Is Trying to Repel The Liberal Onslaught

I am proud to say that I am a Republican from Taxachusetts, who is attending college in Rhode Island. So basically I am behind enemy lines. With the recent election and the decisions that have been made by the current administration, it grows harder and harder to stand to live in a state that supports the actions and beliefs of the current administration. But I will never give in to any of their false ideas or ideology. Because I was raised to stand up for what I believed in and to never give in to those who would try to detract me from my beliefs. Recently, Congressman Tom Tancredo “came” to my college to give a speech. I say “came” because he was forced to speak outside the gates of my college, because the adminstration of my school said that the correct permit to allow him to speak was incorrect. Now, whether or not you believe in what Congressman Tancredo has to say, shouldn’t he be allowed to voice his opinion? Not silenced like someone who spoke out against Stalin. I was one of the few people at my school who stood up with Congressman Tancredo and listened to him speak, while hordes of my classmates stood in protest of his “racist ideas”. While I support the right of my classmates to protest, the fact that they call the Congressman’s ideas racist drives me up a wall. The “liberal” groups at my school, like the sociology department and LGBT group, were furious that he was there. Recently my school had Senator Whitehouse (a moron) and Congressman Kennedy (like father like son) speak at my Catholic school. Now both men actively support abortion. Why would a CATHOLIC school invite and approve two men who approve abortion to speak at the campus? The mind reals when it hears such things. This is just a simple rant, but I strongly believe there are others out there who think along my lines. Would like to hear from you about this and any other opinions.