Name Your Poison

Name Your Poison
by Michael Goodell

This Thursday the British people will decide whether or not to take their leave of the European Union. A big decision, fraught with perilous consequences of epic proportions, to take the anti-Brexit forces at their word, or a last best shot at restoring the Glory the was England.

Voters in the United States have already decided on their own radical departure. The recently concluded primary season asked Americans to decide whether or not to take leave of their senses. Astonishingly, they chose the affirmative. Thus do we have a general election pitting two of the most despised candidates in American history.

Literally. Hillary Clinton would have the lowest approval ratings of any major party presidential candidate in recorded American history if it were not for one thing. That thing being her opponent. Who is even more hated.

Pity those Millennials, new to the process, who are wondering how it will be possible to fill in those silly ballot bubbles while holding their nose. “If this is how it’s done,” they ponder. “Then why do people treasure the right to vote?”

Or pity William Kristol, editor of “The Weekly Standard,” and lifelong Conservative’s conservative, or, in the spittle-flecked phrasing of the typical Trump supporter, “an establishment hack.” After years of warning his readers of the clear and present danger Hillary Clinton poses to the security and integrity of the Republic, he has faced the specter of Trump and has lost his mind.

Whether the question pertains to temperament, character, avarice, or competence, he has measured his man and found him wanting. Not yet going so far as to endorse Hillary, he makes it clear that Trump is anathema to him, and by implication, to any honorable Conservative. His point is well taken except that in each instance, dread Hillary has a much longer, better proven track record of failure or iniquity. He knows this, but cannot let it rest. He knows the failure to vote for Trump is tantamount to voting for Hillary.

He knows this, yet cannot bring himself to voice it, scraping up casuistic arguments why Hillary probably isn’t as bad as he always said she was, lo these many years. William Kristol, in this his Summer of Discontent, is about to unleash a new force upon the world, that of the Neolib.

This election boils down to a single question, the asking of which should gall anyone who cares about this nation. Which of the two candidates would be more harmful to America? Answer that question, and vote accordingly. If you answered Hillary, you have to vote for Trump. To do anything else is to saddle the country with the greater evil. Conversely, if you think Trump is worse, you must vote for Hillary.

If you think they are equally bad, which is to say you don’t think Supreme Court justices matter, then you are free to do whatever you wish with your ballot. Leave it blank. Vote Libertarian, or Green, or write in Joe Biden, just for laughs, although that last act may well invalidate your entire ballot.

Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to choose the candidate who will do the lesser harm to our nation. While voting, ask yourself on what basis a culture which can do no better than Trump and Clinton deserves to continue to exist.