Send in the Clowns

Send in the Clowns
by Michael Goodell

I’m so glad I gave up on America after the last election. Otherwise I would look at the world today and wonder whether to cry, run away and hide, or simply stick my head in the oven. However, since the last election, I am able to view this vast diorama of human suffering and decay with sang-froid. Actually, it is not quite sang-froid. What I feel more than anything is amusement.

There is such rich comedy in this clown circus running around pretending to be grown ups, it is hard not to laugh. Now, if history is our guide, the consequences of these subdural inebriates and their mind-gnawingly naive and willfully simplistic behavior will be one of vast deprivation and infinite suffering for the American people. These craven appeasers, with their policies so self-deluding they make ostriches look like visionaries, have set in motion a process of decline which is well-nigh unstoppable.

But it doesn’t matter. If our cities burst into flames, if our people starve or are enslaved, it doesn’t matter. Because after four years of watching this group about whom the only question was, were they incompetent or traitors, the American people decided they wanted four more years. They looked at Mitt Romney and decided Lena Dunham was the only adult in the room.

In November of 2012 Americans chose decline. The American nation chose to die. The American people chose so stupidly that they don’t deserve to live. Which is why I can watch the world continue to unravel, and laugh. I find it to be high comedy. For instance, what could be richer than the commentary I heard on NPR this morning as I drove Mary to chemotherapy? They had an “expert”– yes, one of those– who pointed out, in a deliciously deadpan delivery, that the challenge confronting the Americans and Europeans following the Crimean referendum, was how to respond without jeopardizing nuclear reduction talks with Iran.

Is that not the funniest thing you’ve ever heard? I don’t know who this guy’s writers are, but they made him sound even funnier than Bill Maher thinks he is. Watching the comedy unfold, two thoughts come to mind. The first is a question. When will China decide to overrun Taiwan? (The answer can be expressed in months rather than years).

The second is that the president and the vice-president have both described gay marriage the defining issue of our age. Watching the world unravel, it is obvious they are right.