I Don't Think. We're Stupid


Last weekend American diplomacy was dealt a setback in its latest bid to appease Iran, This was due to what the Wall Street Journal called “unforeseen developments” such as Israel’s opposition to what the French Foreign Minister called “a sucker’s deal.” American Secretary of State John Kerry reacted to the development by stating, “We are not blind, and I don’t think we’re stupid.”

What many people don’t realize is  Kerry, as is characteristic of  deeply nuanced and smartest-guy-in-room type guys, tends to have trouble with punctuation when he is flustered. Among the sorts of situations in which these guys get flustered is when they discover they “miscalculated” during appeasement sessions. I mean, who would have thought that the Israelis would get upset just because we’re basically telling Iran “go ahead and build a nuke, but for Allah’s sake, be discrete about it.” That’s like going to Munich without your umbrella.

Nobody could have seen that coming, not even a deeply nuanced, smartest-guy-in-the-room type of guy. So, the deal gets scuttled, and Kerry figures he has to say something. Under stress he committed that rare gaffe. He told the truth. Fortunately for his credibility within the Beltway, he fumbled the punctuation. He forgot a period. What he actually meant to say, during that brief instant of lucidity was, “I don’t think. We’re stupid.”

Actually, this has been designated as the official motto of the Obama White House for the balance of his presidency. He and his party have proved themselves to be the sort of craven, self-deluding  charlatans who ordinarily would not deserve to hold elective office. However, given the fact that they were  elected by the same people who, after witnessing the first four years of the Obama cluster clown act said, “Yeah, gimme more a dat,” they are the ideal men and women to represent Americans.

They have spent the past five years perpetrating a fraud upon the American people. Actually, they have perpetrated a number of frauds, but the one I’m addressing today is health insurance “reform.” These mendicants created an framework which could only have been viewed as functional if its objective was to destroy American health care. After assembling such a monstrosity they were forced to lie about it when people like Paul Ryan tried to warn the public what was in the bill. Democrat Senators lied. Democrat Representatives lied, and the Democrat President lied.

I don’t think. We’re stupid.

Since it was passed and in the three years leading up to its implementation the President and his minions have continued to lie. They had three years to write code for their crucial website, but chose to do nothing until the last 11 months because they “didn’t want to give Romney ammunition” during last year’s campaign. They condemned the website to failure, for purely political purposes. Then, in the run up to the rollout, when experts warned the website wasn’t ready, the President lied and said it was. He lied to the people, and he lied to himself. It is as if he believes whatever he says must be true. How could he have allowed this fiasco to move forward?

I don’t think. We’re stupid.

Once the website was launched (cue video of toppling rockets during the early days of the space program) Obama lied again. First he lied about the website itself, claiming it was “too successful.” Then he lied about when he knew about it failing. The he lied about how it could be fixed. He lied, and his Democrat claque lied, and their lap dogs in the media lied as well.

After the website travesty came the wave of insurance cancellations. Millions of Americans learned their President had lied to them when he promised they could keep their insurance policies if they liked them. (Millions more, like me, weren’t upset when they lost their insurance policies and discovered their health care costs are going to double, because we’ve known for years it was going to happen. We knew all along the President was a liar).

Now, confronted with the betrayal of their trust, the American people have (finally) awakened. They are angry, and word of their response has reached even into the hallowed halls of Congress. Now these Democrat reprobates, having lied about the law and lied about its implementation and echoed the President’s lies to make sure they could all be reelected, are now lying about what is in the law which they wrote and passed. They are suddenly shocked, shocked! to learn that virtually every health insurance policy in the country will have to be changed. Most people will be paying more for less coverage. Millions of Middle Class Americans who are “too rich” for subsidies will have to do without health insurance because they won’t be able to afford it.

Now the President, belatedly discovering he is losing the politics on Obamacare, has decided he needs to tell us a few more lies. He didn’t lie when he promised we could keep our plans. He had been lied to himself. He didn’t understand what was in the bill., and he wants to make it better. He wants insurance companies to reinstate the policies they were forced to cancel, and to do it in a fortnight. If they don’t, it will be their fault that millions of Americans will see their health care costs doubled, and our President won’t hesitate to blame them for our plight. “I tried to fix it,” he’ll lie. “But the greedy insurance companies wouldn’t let me.”

Given who he’s dealing with, that ploy just might work. After all, as most Americans, if they can be troubled to glance up from the latest bout of celebrity voyeurism, will happily inform you, “I don’t think. We’re stupid.”