Play Me Again, Imam


So basically what happened is this. Iran’s new president, the supposedly moderate Hasan Rouhani, watched Russia and Syria play our President, his Secretary of State and the entire American National Security apparatus for the spineless, egotistical fools that they are, and he said, “Hey, I got to get me some of that.”

And so the slow dance of ignominy began. First, friendly words, in response to our president’s congratulatory note upon Rouhani’s election. (It went something along the lines of “Congratulations on getting elected without having to torture, rape or kill too many of your citizens”). Then some enlightened words about how Iran must never, ever, have or even want to build nuclear weapons.

Thus the stage was set for the Grand Rapprochement at the United Nations. “Wall Street Journal” headlines help tell the story. Last Thursday it was “Obama Weighs Talks With Iran at U.N.,” followed by Tuesday’s “Iran Icebreaker Set at U.N.” Things were looking rosy. First Obama and Kerry solved the Syria conflict, and now, coup de force, they were going to reestablish relations with Iran. Like to see Bush manage something like that!

Then came the big event. The president waiting in the wings, as eager as a blushing bride, ready to take the epic step onto the stage of history. It was for this moment they so presciently awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize so long ago. Rouhani approached. A nation trembled in anticipation. Obama’s acolytes and sycophants stood with cameras and microphones at the ready. But let’s let the Journal tell the rest.

Under the headline “Iran Applies Brakes to U.S. Mideast Plans,” we learned “Iranian President Hasan Rouhani’s decision against meeting Mr. Obama–or even exchanging a handshake–at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Tuesday soured what American and European officials had hoped would mark an advancement in efforts to wind down tensions.”

How Putin must have howled. The Chinese, being Chinese, no doubt smiled inscrutably, and continued to redraw the lines on their version of the world map. Iranian nuclear physicists told themselves, “Oh well, back to work,” while the Ayatollah’s henchmen polished their truncheons and oiled their zippers.

The president got played, again, and it was so utterly predictable. Our foes and potential foes have taken their measure of this man, and it is only our allies who tremble. He is a coward, the only man in history capable of making Jimmy Carter look robust. Simultaneously, he has the character of a three-year-old, so craven is his need for adulation. Iran’s leaders realized they could slap this wraith’s face and then, with a few well-placed words, draw him back for more.

The worst part of this latest fiasco is not that the handshake was ignored, but that it was offered in the first place. There was a time when an American President would not deign to shake hands with the world’s leading supporter of terrorism. He would not want to legitimate the representative of a nation still at war with us, sworn to the destruction of our allies and committed to genocide. He would refuse to acknowledge a regime unrepentantly stained by the blood of thousands of American soldiers. There was a time when an American President would acknowledge such a man, if he were to acknowledge him at all, with disdain.

Unfortunately, that time is not now. Today is the age in which our President whimpers, “Play Me Again, Imam.”