N-Word Jim's Revenge


I’ll never forget my disappointment upon learning that N-Word Jim wasn’t one of Mark Twain’s most introspective characters, but merely literary sanitization, a bid to rid his work of the most shocking, offensive word ever to be uttered, written, or spray-painted on Southern Baptist Churches.

The N-word possesses astounding power. It can cause women to weep, men to rage, and rap artists to rake in millions before being murdered in a drive-by shooting. The N-word can kill. It can maim. It can and has destroyed lives.

The most dangerous thing about the N-word is, once spoken, it can never be retracted. It remains indelibly on the speaker’s conscience, a moral stain upon the content of one’s character. How powerful it is can be demonstrated best by the fate which befell the former Food Channel hostess Paula Deen.

Once one of the flagships of that foodie favorite, Deen recently found herself taken down by a particular noisome race-based shakedown operation which uses the courts to extort money from well-known personalities. As part of the operation a lawyer asked Deen if she had ever used the term “Nigger.” Deen said she had, but it had been a long time ago. In other words, she used the word back when it was merely a mortal word, before it acquired supernatural powers, before it got radioactive blood.

Once the race-based shakedown organization revealed Deen’s transgression to the public, a hue and cry erupted across this benighted land. So grave was the turmoil that it put the Food Channel off its feed. Though executives struggled mightily to digest this morsel of truth, they could not swallow the fact that their  butter-schlepping star once said that terrible, terrible word. They really had no choice. It was a simple process of elimination. They had to let her go.

Pity poor Paula, condemned to a life of shame, forced to walk the empty streets in a shapeless smock with a coal black letter N pinned to her wizened breast. Such is the fate of those who use the dread N-word.

Or not. What is most telling about this story is that Deen speaks with a pronounced South Carolina accent, which is anathema to the enlightened, elitist left. Even though her politics are liberal, they cannot help but hate her. And what happens when the left hates? The left dispenses with all rules of human decency.

When The Daily Show, (the sole source of news for the typical Obama supporter), tackled the Paula Deen story, they mocked her weight, they made sport of her diabetes, and they condemned her for unrepentant southernism. They brought in what they call a “correspondent,” Jessica Williams, to announce that Paula Deen suffers from “Type 2 Racism.” It isn’t curable, but it is treatable, Williams assured her callow viewers, with the use of a Nicorette-like patch called, naturally, Niggerette.

No word yet on whether Williams has already lost her job with Comedy Central, or if it will take a decade or two for the word to wield its terrible swift sword. But clearly, she must be punished. She used the N-word. On television.

Actually, it was okay for Williams to say “Nigger.” Because she is a member in good standing of the trendy left everybody knows she didn’t mean it. Her heart is pure. She wasn’t using the word to destroy. Well, actually, she was. But she was using the word to destroy a fat sick woman who talks southern. So it’s okay.

Personally, I couldn’t care less about the fate of Paula Deen’s cooking show. The closest I come to viewing any cooking show is when I watch “Dancing With the Hollywood Chefs.”

So I don’t have a dog in this fight. The story here isn’t the injustice Deen has suffered, but the hypocrisy inflicted upon us all. It is a particularly offensive form of hypocrisy. Not only the left is guilty, but the Food Channel as well. I suspect it wasn’t the utterance of that life-destroying word that got her fired, but something else entirely. Perhaps it was ratings. Most cooking shows have a limited shelf life, and hers had been running for more than a decade. So it could have been diminishing returns generated by an increasingly erratic performer.

Not long ago Deen made an appearance in Detroit. According to some in the audience she was irrational, uncooperative, acting very much like a prima donna, and “off her meds.” This probably had more to do with Deen’s firing than her admitting to using the most icky, ucky, horrible, awful bad word in the history of this or any other world.

And that is its own kind of hypocrisy. It is a very dangerous one, because it strengthens those who punish those who step out of line, who fail to follow the party line, who dare to think independently. They paid tribute to leftist intolerance in order to take the easy way out of an ugly situation, and that, like uttering the N-word, could come back to haunt them.