Moral Cowardice, or Death of a District


Weeks after approving a visit by former Pennsylvania Senator and Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, Grosse Pointe Public School Superintendent Thomas Harwood caved into pressure from bigoted teachers union members employed by his district, and rescinded the invitation.

After authorizing the visit, and speech on leadership, Harwood and Grosse Pointe South High School principal Matt Outlaw, were inundated with videos sent by teachers union members employed by the district, which showed Santorum expressing his views on the sanctity of marriage. Apparently Mr. Santorum’s beliefs, which actually reflect the current law of the land, are too extreme for a community such as Grosse Pointe.

Patrick Coyle, Vice President of Young America’s Foundation, the local affiliate of which extended the invitation, told Breitbart.com that Harwood, though claiming to support traditional marriage, told him that his gay brother finds Santorum’s views to be extreme. Though it is certainly sweet that a school superintendent supports his sibling, one could argue that suppressing the Freedom of Speech in order to prevent his brother from throwing a hissy fit seems a tad self-indulgent.

This act of censorship is sadly characteristic of a once-great public school system. As far back as when my children were in elementary school the district has been increasingly polluted by administrators and teachers union members who seem offended by the district’s tradition of excellence. Their actions and their policies reflected an adherence to liberal ideals which required them to steadily corrupt the system until it functioned on the same level as the neighboring Detroit Public School system.

If the act of egregious censorship doesn’t show they have achieved their goals, perhaps the email distributed by the Outlaw principal will prove they have achieved their dreamed of nadir. It reads in part, “I am announcing that we are declining the invitation to have Rick Santorum speak . . .” Since Outlaw runs around sporting a “Dr.”in front of his name, one has to conclude that he earned his PhD. in the field of education, or possibly public administration. Certainly there were no communication skills taught or required along the way.

For future reference Mr. Outlaw should know that one can only decline an invitation that one has received. One cannot decline an invitation one has extended. The word the good doctor was groping for was no doubt, rescind, as in “We are rescinding the invitation we previously extended, either because we are moral cowards, or because after learning what you believe, we have succumbed to the urge to suppress, or even censor your views. We are administrators, and as such, one of our most important tasks is to promote the free and open exchange of all ideas, so long as they reflect the trendy leftist biases of the teachers union members whom we employ.”

Though it is a dark day for a once-great school district, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that this school district exists within the boundaries of a once-great nation.