The Day the Music Died


Watching the president and his minions relentlessly fan the flames of Sequestration panic, my first reaction was, “Does Obama think we’re all complete idiots?” Then the answer hit me. Of course he does, we reelected him. This explains why every day he or his team made another prediction, each more dire than the last. Yesterday Democrat Representative Maxine Walters hit the jackpot when she claimed the sequester will cost 170 million jobs. (Don’t believe it? View it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8-d95SO_3g).

That is no mean feat, since there are only 150 million people working in this country. Doug Powers suggests that 20 million people will lose their jobs twice, though I suspect that’s how many illegal aliens are doing work Americans won’t do. Pity they’ll lose those jobs, too.

Some on the right are having fun with the panic mongers. National Review’s Jim Geraghty compiled a list of the better tweets in his Morning Jolt. My favorite was Jonah Goldberg’s “It wasn’t until I ate my neighbor’s pancreas that I realized president Obama was right about the sequester.”

Clearly, an electorate which, after experiencing the Obama magic for four years concludes, “Yup, gimme four more just like them,” is likely to believe the President’s warnings. Though some Conservative commentators are giddy in anticipation of Sequestration’s implementation, believing that upon discovering the consequences are not as severe as anticipated, the public will at long last learn the truth of their Emperor’s raiment.

Those observers are likely mistaken. Even if the government continues to function as normal, this electorate will believe things have gone south because the compliant media will tell them so. It is almost a certainty, however,  that the cuts will indeed cause great harm to the public. Obama will see to this, because it is in his interest to send the message to the public that any cut to government spending harms everybody, because it carries with it the corollary that all increases in government spending (except for defense spending) benefit us all.

The larger issue though, one which no one has discussed, is the fact that any cut in government spending that harms the middle class is a cut which must be made. In the United States, government was not at first, nor for most of our history, viewed as something to benefit the Middle Class. In fact, the main reason the Middle Class grew so quickly and so prosperous in this country was precisely because the form of government we adopted was designed to stay out of the people’s way.

This is the government that honest, thinking people want to get back to, a government which does not limit people’s goals. It doesn’t trample their dreams. It doesn’t bind them in the chains of grants and transfer payments. It will provide a safety net, for those whose fortunes are plummeting, but will provide countless opportunities to avoid that security.

Obama will use Sequestration as a cudgel, to deny the public access to essential services. Of course, the only reason most of those services are essential is because without a bureaucrat’s stamp or say so Middle Class people can’t buy a car, start a company or move to another town. Obama wants to drive home the point that We the People need all the government we can get, and if he can blame the hardships on the GOP. So much the better.