What Mitt Should Say






It’s just a little over a month until the first official contest in the 2012 Republican primary season, which in this i-Pad culture means things should have been wrapped up by now. It’s gone on too long. Why, all the other Reality TV shows, from “Iron Chef” to “Survivor” to “Dancing With the Hollywood Chefs,” are  in reruns by now. So let’s just get it over with and declare Mitt Romney the winner.

At least that seems to be the position the mainstream media have taken. And now the Obama campaign has adopted the same view. But I repeat myself. Actually, it makes you wonder what they have on Romney, given their eagerness to concede him the nomination. While never actually coming out on his side, the media have contented themselves with destroying any candidate who threatens to smudge Romney’s aura of inevitability. The Obama campaign, on the other hand, is pursuing the Brer Rabbit strategy. “Oh, Lawzy, Lawzy,” they seem to be saying, “Please don’t throw me in that briar patch.”

Which makes you think whatever they have must be pretty good.

Lately under the guise of leadership,  Obama has been going around the country, wailing, “We Can’t Wait,” while signing Presidential orders demanding that unemployment fall at least as fast as the level of the seas. Not to be outdone, the Democrat National Committee has embraced the spoiled brat theme by unveiling mittvmitt.com, a video claiming Romney has changed his views on abortion, illegal immigration, gun control, auto bailouts, bank bailouts, the NFL tuck rule, whether to hold on 16 in Blackjack, and, most critically, boxers v. briefs. It is a devastating compendium of contradictory statements, or at least contradictory sound bites. It could conceivably halt Romney’s campaign in its tracks.

Or, possibly, convince Republicans that the Democrats really are afraid of him. Which means they really believe Romney can beat the grad student currently Occupying the White House. Which means  all Republicans ought to throw their support to Romney now, even before the Iowa caucuses. Which means Obama’s people must have something terribly devastating to throw at him. Lawzy, Lawzy indeed.

As to the flip-flop charges, Romney should address it head on. He should say, “Have I changed my positions on several issues over the years? Yes, I have. As I have studied them, and learned the facts, I have changed my view. It’s called leadership. The last thing we want is a President who is unwilling to listen to facts, who refuses to adapt to a changing environment. Even the current President has changed his views on rare occasions. You may recall one of his first acts as President was to announce that he would close Guantanamo Bay within the first year of his administration. Well, guess what? Gitmo is still open, and we are fortunate that it is.

“I give Obama credit for realizing how incredibly naive and dangerous his position was. He adapted, for once, to a changing environment. Over the past 20 years, as I have learned, and grown and matured, I have changed my view of the world many times. What is astounding is that our President still has the same basic world view that he did when he was 25.”