Nah, Nah, Nah Boo Boo


The other day Bob Schieffer, who has what passes for gravitas in this age of cultural decline, who works for some television station or other, quoted a slur he stole from a Facebook follower, which pretty much sums up how pathetic our society has become. “Why are Republicans allowing freshman congressmen to control this debate?” Schieffer quoted the social media maven. “It’s like letting the teenager in the family run the family budget.”

It isn’t clear whether the Facebook smirker and Schieffer don’t understand what the debt ceiling debate was about, or they haven’t the slightest comprehension of basic economic principles, but one thing that is beyond doubt is allowing freshmen Congressmen to control the debate was the polar opposite of letting the teenager in the family run the family budget. The first term Representatives, elected as part of the people’s revolt way back in 2010 (you can Google it if it’s too long ago to remember), were the only people in the debate who were seriously arguing that we have to control spending. In other words, just the opposite of the typical teenager.

But, no matter. It was a good line. Who cares if it is accurate, or even if it makes sense? It is a hallmark of liberal invective that the important thing is to wound. It doesn’t matter if the insult is a lie, or illogical, or even if it violates a principle ordinarily held sacred by those on the left. Whether it is calling Joe and Hadassah Lieberman “dirty Jews,” ridiculing Michael Steele’s race, condemning Sarah Palin for leaving her children with her husband while she was out working, or mockingly suggesting Michele Bachmann is a lesbian, when it comes to casting slurs, nobody does it better than leftists.

Is it true?  What difference does it make? It’s only words, after all, and words have no intrinsic meaning, just as actions have no intrinsic value. There is no such thing as right or wrong, the only thing that matters is whether it works. Well, that last only applies to moral issues. When it comes to government, which is the only morality to which a leftist will pay fealty, the only thing that doesn’t matter is whether it works, because it seldom does. Which is the problem.

When it comes to liberal invective, the important thing is to sting, to be able to say, “Sssss, what a  burn,” or in the parlance of southpaw tweethearts, #ohsnap. This is what passes for debate in our sclerotic culture. This is how issues are confronted. Liberals and their media-based water carriers, refuse to accept that the Tea Party movement was a spontaneous uprising by Americans fed up with the direction in which their country is going. They have watched their President and his party attempt to dismantle their country, to betray their ideals and to uproot the tree of liberty the irrigation of which, they suspect, is long overdue.

Instead of accepting Tea Party members’ claims at face value, leftists denigrate them. They call them liars to their face. They call them terrorists, suicide bombers, racists. They unearth the most despicable claims, slurs and lies, and then they accuse the Tea Party of being rigid and uncompromising. The Tea Party is not a coherent movement. There are as many different Tea Parties as there are members, but one thing most of them share is an understanding that to continue on the path we’re blithely skipping down, will lead to destruction. They are trying to stop the train wreck. They are the only adults in the room, and no amount of invective will change that fact.