Democracy in Action?


The good news is President Barack H. Obama (D–Chi.), has finally found the leader of a state he’s willing to stand up to. The bad news is it’s the democratically elected Governor of Wisconsin. Organizing for America, an organization authorized by the Democratic National Committee and closely identified with the President, posted a call to arms on its website, which helped organized the thousands of union thugs who descended upon the state capitol over the weekend.

They understand that what is happening in Wisconsin is nothing less than a fight for the future of public employee unions in America, and by extension, for the economic future of America itself. The two objectives are mutually exclusive, and those who have surrounded and occupied the Wisconsin State Capital Building, those who have polluted the grounds with their droppings, and the air with their posters and chants, have made their choice. They have elevated their narrow interests above those of American citizens.

It is fitting that Wisconsin is the site of this battle, because Wisconsin was the first state to allow collective bargaining for public employees. When public employees to join unions  they immediately adopt the adversarial attitude with which unions have historically functioned. Union members view the company as the enemy. They believe they benefit when the company benefits suffers.

As a Michigan resident, I have had the misfortune of witnessing this at first hand. The state has been mired in a depression for more than a decade because the United Auto Workers Union was so desperately greedy, and so mindlessly opposed to the interests of their employers, that they nearly succeeded in shutting down the American auto industry. (Fortunately for them, the President stepped in, essentially nationalized the industry, and jettisoned legitimate investors’ rights in order to honor the unsecured claims of his union bosses).

Unfortunately for the City of Detroit, the President has shown no inclination to intercede on the part of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, whose striking members were so transfixed by their desire to destroy their company that they never stopped to realize they were the company.  It is truly a shame, but the musicians are apparently all idiots. Having effectively ended world class classical music in Detroit, their immediate reaction was to ask Mayor Dave Bing to either delay his State of the City address or to change its venue from Orchestra Hall so as not to cross a picket line. Bing, though a Democrat, and therefore not characteristically inclined to act like a man in the face of union demands, apparently reasoned there is no great harm in crossing a picket line when the company the picketers are strike has effectively ceased to exist.

When workers join a union they immediately elevate their interests above those of their employers.
When they organize in the private sector they merely commit economic suicide. However, when public employees organize, their employers are the American people. Therefore, public employee unions have elevated their interests above those of their nation. They believe they benefit when the American people suffer. The only mistake Scott Walker has made so far is to deny that his ultimate goal is to destroy public employee unions. That should be his primary goal, and it should be endorsed by every American who cares about the future of the nation.

Of course few on the infantile left have been able to resist the absurdity of attempting to link events in Egypt with the insurrection in Madison. (Surprisingly, Obama has been one of the few who has). Someone posted on Twitter the other day, “This is Democracy in action.”

Democracy in action? I thought. Democrat Senators have abandoned their seats in order to prevent the legislature from meeting? Tens of thousands of union thugs have flocked to the state and occupied public buildings in an attempt to intimidate the Governor and the remaining law-abiding legislators into backing away from their proposed legislation? Wisconsin public employees are essentially holding an illegal general strike?.

If this is Democracy in action, I would hate to see mob rule.