The problem is that some folks just don’t want to be eliminated

Now, I know theys some folks that don’t know enough about the bible to fill up one of them Chinese fortuneless cookies that taste about like sugar coated cardboard so I thought I’d just give yall a little spoonful of it, since I only know about a spoonful of it.

In the front half of the good Book David volunteered to fight Goliath.  Volunteered.  As in he like willingly chose to stand up against the enemy Goliath because the enemy had threatened to eliminate and/or subjugate Gods followers.  And David thought ‘that ain’t right.’  

Now, theys never been another King David and likely never will be but there are some folks who are what I’d call ‘David-esk’ because they also choose to stand up against people who want to eliminate or subjugate Gods followers.

That Kentucky County Clerk is sorta like that right now.  I get the impression she’s like the cook down up over at the truckstop diner:  you just don’t mess with her.

I ain’t no lawyer or nothing, but I can’t figure out what law she actually broke unless it’s one of them laws that the Supreme Court Judges wrote.

But here’s something else about her that yall might not have thought about.  From what all I’ve read about her it sounds like she lived a pretty tough life for a while and then got right with God and started living the Pentecostal Christian life.  Now, some of my people is Pentecostal, both on and off the reservation, so I know a little bit of what I’m talking about.

Pentecostals are good and Godly folks that CHOOSE to live and act and dress differently than most folks.  In other words, it don’t bother them to be looked at or talked about because theys just living their faith in the good Lord.  Day in, day out.

When a feller or a gal finally realizes that they spent some, or much, of their life living as Sinners in the hands of an angry God they just might make a decision to become a believer.  A follower of Jesus.  Sounds about like what she did.

And, yes, some folks in the Church have faith and commitment thats about as solid as a side order of grits.

But not that Kentucky Clerk.  She seems to have her perseverence and Bible verses all starched up and ready to go.

I tend to think that Liberalism in America ain’t gonna be brought down by a Cruz, a Trump, a Carson, or any other Bush thats all burnt out.  I wonder if liberalism might be sent to sit back over in the corner by folks who just don’t want to be eliminated. 

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