A Potential ILLEGAL Immigration Plan


  1. U.S.A. borders MUST be secured.

  2. Illegal aliens will NOT BE DEPORTED just because they are here.  You can stay here (it’s up to you).

  3. You MUST pay taxes.

  4. You MUST obey local, state, and federal laws

  5. You DON’T get welfare, Social Security, or ANY Government benefits.

  6. You DON’T get to vote

  7. You DON’T get to own property

  8. You DON’T get to use financial investment or transfer services

  9. You DON’T get a bank account

  10. You DON’T get minimum wage

  11. You may be arrested and placed in work release program

Welcome to the U.S.A.  The promised land.  You don’t get squat, but, in 40 years, your kids or Grandchildren that are born here can BEGIN the process to become citizens.