Mr. McConnell, WE Gave You The Senate

In what could be stated as one of the largest landslide turnovers in American Political history, The People wrenched the government from the hands of Progressive-Liberal destroyers and gave the power of Congress, fully 1/3 of the United States government to republicans. To you, Mr. McConnell, To YOU!

We have done so because we see the path that these Marxists are taking and it is antithetical to the original intentions and design laid down by the founders of this country. They, the founders, the authors of the two documents that shook world history, The Declaration of Independence which put to words the reasons we were going to create a new country, and The Constitution of the United States, which described The Law of the Land, to which this new country would be held. These documents and these men, for the first time in history, created a government FROM the people, not the people FROM under the government.

They gave us the tools to protect our selves from tyranny. They provided The People with the means to correct wrongs perpetrated upon us by the rulers, foreign and domestic. One being the right to vote. That gave us the ability to remove anyone in government that did not apply his actions to the will of the people. The separation of powers, by creating 3 EQUAL branches of government. That gave The People the ability to balance their votes, so a mistake today can be balanced by a right tomorrow. They gave us, The People, more power than the government in many respects. WE, the people, PERMIT government to exist.

This election, Mr. McConnell, was our expression that we are NOT HAPPY with our government, ALL 3 parts. From the SCOTUS, who seems more interested in PROGRESSING law forward, rewriting law, and ruling based on precedence instead of fact, to the Administration, which has grown too powerful and too large and is not beholden to The People in any way, finally to Congress, which has become a complacent, whining pile of dog poop to be avoided instead of stepped in. We stated, with the POWERS vested in us, by the U.S. Constitution that We Are NOT Happy!

We HIRED you, We PAY you, to defend The Constitution and the laws of this country. THAT, Mr. McConnell, means we DEMAND you do whatever is in your power to do, to STOP the TYRANNY of the present and possibly future presidents. Whatever power you Constitutionally have MUST BE USED. That means, Mr. McConnell, if it is required, we DEMAND that you use the power of the money. That means, if you have to, that you agree to Impeachment. That means, if you have to, you MUST shut this government down.

You have that power. You have to stop hiding behind 1/3 of our government. WE PUT YOU THERE. WE GAVE YOU THE POWER TO STOP THIS PRESIDENT FROM DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY!