What Can You Do With a Stolen Airliner?

Recently we have read or heard that ISIS may have come into ownership of up to 11 airliners.  A relatively scary thought if one thinks about it. Fill it will explosives or nuclear waste, or some kind of biological weapon, and VOILA! you have, in some degree, an ICBM on the cheap.

But, after thinking about this for a short time, the thought enters one’s mind, Well, we can just shoot it down. Right? After all, any plane that enters the sky will be seen. Any plane that is seen will be forced to identify itself and if it does not, we scramble, visual, poof! it no longer exists.

BUT, just suppose that the plane is filled with kidnapped citizens of the countries to which the plane is flying? Suppose ISIS or whomever, were to gain possession of, say 300 American Citizens. Kidnapped while on vacation, from their homes, or during a work trip.

Now, if that plane is headed for These U.S., and we get a visual from a scrambled jet, that there are 300 live, kidnapped citizens on board, What Do You Do!?

There is no solution that does not impact America. Or France. Or Spain. Or U.K.

The only answer is to shoot down the plane. Shoot down those kidnapped civilians. Kill them all. Because the other choice, letting the plane actually reach it’s destination, with the citizens AND the weapons on board is not a viable answer.

What do we do? What does the president do? Are we ready for this.

Eleven airliners, 3300 kidnapped people, and MDS all flying to their destinations at the same time. Do we sacrifice the Bishop or the Rook?

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