A Dangerous Despot

While, once again, reading my copy of “Elementary Catechism on the Constitution”
by Arthur J. Stansbury
Hillard, Gray, Little and Wilkens, 1828

I came across this Question and Answer entry, related to the duties and responsibilities of the president.
Q. Is it to be desired that Congress should always comply
with the advice of the President?
A. No; for then his advice would, in time, come to have the
authority of a command; it would be the President and not
Congress who made the laws; and the liberty of the country would be
in the greatest danger.
There is no more dangerous despot than one who can make his
will obeyed, and yet preserve the forms of a free government.
Augustus Caesar ruled the whole Roman Empire with absolute sway,
yet did everything by resolves of the Senate, as if Rome was Free.

This brings to mind the statements of our Illustrious, Constitutional Scholar, president, who recently said, “If I cannot get Congress to do my bidding, to follow my lead and pass my laws, I will do it my self. I have a Pen and a Phone” (paraphrasing, of course).

Well it seems that our president has not read this catechism, and does not understand what they understood even in the early 1800’s. That the primary grounds for our constitution is to handcuff the oppression that a central government will inevitably obtain. And the primary need for The U.S. Constitution is to protect the ‘Inalienable Rights’ given to man by his God, from the unfettered tyrannical musings of a despot.

We are now, very clearly, at the point of this entry in the catechism. We have the pretense of the forms of a free government, but we are being ruled by a congress that is complicit to every whim of the president. He commands and they obey. If they do not, he rules via fiat through regulations imposed by his private government agencies, and enforced by his private army SWAT teams.

We might survive this, we probably will not. The primary chance we have is through our children. We have to educate them on what freedom is. We have to educate them on what protects that freedom. It would be a great task, indeed, if we were to read this Catechism to them. Ask them the questions, give them the answers and explain why we, as citizens of These United States are different from every other society ever gathered anywhere in the world at any time in history. It is their generation that has the only chance of dragging us, kicking and screaming, from under the thumb of the tyrant. It is up to them. And given the knowledge, they decide that status quo is good enough, then what is our anger. From where do we get the strength to fight? For what end? If our children choose oppression and tyranny, then what do we fight for? The pain we feel, day by day, is that of our children and all those that follow.

Perhaps, it will end for us, like it did in A. Huxley’s “A Brave New World”. If our children choose subservience, then perhaps we are the outsiders, and like John, perhaps there is no path back to our normalcy.