On This Voting Day

I have to ask the most simple and obvious question.
Why is the RNC and every “conservative” group not demanding that
a legal represetative of each state not at every voting place
to hand out LEGAL voter IDs?

It seems the biggest push against voter ID is that it is a burden
to get to the official place of enlistment.
Well, since our democrat friends make it their primary task to get
EVERY SINGLE voter to the voting place to cast their most important
vote, then it makes sense to make sure they do NOT leave without
a valid Voter ID, or a written document stating that they do not
want one and are willing to forgo future votes that require ID.

Every state should be handing out voter ID, for free, to EVERYONE
who enters the voting booth and does not presently have an ID.

THEN, in 2016, this stupid argument about voter ID becomes null and
void. And the state can say, “NO ID, NO VOTE”