Evolution Gives Us The Answer To Obamacare

If in life, adversity is the true mother of invention. Catastrophic calamity is
the catalyst for evolution. We are in the bowels of catastrophic calamity. Obamacare
is the catalyst which will cause new answers to the game.

As an example, Medicare was touted as the saving grace for all the older members
of our community. But as the requirements on this system grew, and the players
learned how to “game” the system, we saw a support GAP. Those that needed medicare
found that they were still paying too much, and “gap insurance” was born. This is
NOT health insurance. It is an insurance ‘tool’ that provides financial support for
those payments NOT covered under the primary Health Insurance policy. In this case,
Medicare. That insurance is still allowed to exist. For one, it makes a lot of money
for a very powerful influence pedaling group (AARP). And two, it really is not health
insurance. It only pays for those costs not covered by one’s health coverage.

So, what I propose as a solution, if Obamacare cannot be exterminated, is that the
primary insurance providers create a new ‘tool’ to cover the GAP between coverage
(or no coverage) of Obamacare and one’s health.

basically, I would like to see them provide a product which will look like today’s
Catastrophic coverage. One that will assist in the payments for health related issues
that could tend to bankrupt a family, but would provide NO coverage for the standare
health care of the family.
If you get sick, your Obamacare (or you wallet) will pay. If you need any form of
family planning, your Obamacare (or your wallet) will pay. You get the point.
BUT, if you get into a car accident or cancer, or any issue that threatens to destroy
your life and life savings, then your Obamacare (or your wallet) will pay up to
a deductible (say $15000), then this new ‘tool’ will take over. Like GAP insurance,
this cannot be stopped by Obamacare regulations, as it is NOT health care. It is
a ‘tool’ to be used to protect against bankruptcy. So it should not come under any
regulatory problems spawned by Obamacare.

So there you have it. Evolution caused by catastrophic calamity. Insurance companies
win, The People win, business wins. Obamacare, which caused the catastrophe, hopefully
passes away into the night due to starvation.