Divided Government is on the Brink

Last night (Oct. 3, 2013) , M. Lavin had a compelling hour talking about his observation
that the president is getting ready to confiscate the power of the purse
from congress.

He had laid out, with articles and speeches being given by the president,
his staff and “think tank” cronies how it is less harmful to the country
for him to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling than it is to DEFAULT on
our debt.

The groundwork is being presented and the constant threat of DEFAULT is
being mentioned. Now, not only debt DEFAULT but economic DEFAULT. The
president is presenting in his orations that S.S. checks go out during
government close, but if our economy DEFAULTS then there is no promise.

He is lying the groundwork to completely shred The Constitution and
the separation of powers in our government.

I implore everyone to at least listen to last nights’ show and communicate
to Mr. Boehner, that he SHALL in no way let this happen. Mr. Boehner MUST
with all of his effort and from his lofty position in The House, state
unequivocally, that this SHALL NOT HAPPEN. He must make this statement
as clear and as often as he can. The power to commit money, raise money
and set the limit on spending, is BY LAW, given solely to The House.