Job, Jesus, Washington, Gandhi, Parks

Five of the greatest names in history. Names that require no explanation.
Names that instantly bring to mind turning points in our history, stances
taken against supreme odds. Names that STAND for something more than the
person who bears them.
These people, along with many, many others have taken a stance. They had
a vision of right and wrong, which transcended their corporal existence.
They new that someone had to stand proud and say “This Far BUT No Farther”.

Against all odds these people stood for Right, not Wealth, not extended
existence on earth, not Power, not even their ability to continue in their
position to keep the fight going.

No! These people stood, proud and right and fought, then, at that point,
and left it to others to keep the fight.

Our Senate is now in that position. All the political hacks, experts,
news media, frankly, the O’Reilly’s of the world are saying that the
latest CR with the defunding Obamacare is certain death to the republican
party. They say that this is not a fight worth fighting because the
president will veto. They say this is not the fight, we should wait until
we get control of all three parts of government. They say that if this
fight continues, the republican party will crash and burn in 2014 and 2016.

I say, resounding, WRONG! This is the fight. This far and NO FARTHER. I say
the republican Senate should declare that they are sitting in the Front Seat
TODAY and next week. I say they should declare that should stand proud in the
bow of that ship, no matter what the temperature. I say they should thank the
people of the U.S.A. for their ability to bring the fight for Freedom and
right, even at the cost of their Cushy Jobs.

But I also say, the best way for these Senators to lose their job is to
declare that the back of the bus is just as warm. That to back away from this
fight, in order to be there for the next, is not a winning strategy, but
an affirming statement to their constituency that they are not dedicated to
the fight. They are not representing The People or The States, in the name of
The Constitution. We, The People chose these ‘champions’ to ensure our way of
life. To guard and protect our freedoms, and to stand for the continued
existence of The Constitution.

If they, The Senators, vote to allow any changes to the CR presented to them
by the House of Representatives, then they are no longer standing for US. They are
telling us that they only stand for themselves. They are telling us that without
their continued position, we may not have them when we need them.
Well fellas, WE NEED YOU NOW! Not next week. Not in 2014. NOT in 2016. This is
YOUR RED LINE. This is when we need YOU. Sit down in the front seat, damn it!

If they cannot stand for what is right, if they cannot declare “this far and no farther”
today, they it is more likely that they will lose in 2014 AND 2016. We don’t need
leaders that cannot LEAD. We don’t need fighters that say, I’d rather only fight
when I can win.

If they take the spineless stance to NOT stand up to the bully, then I can only
suggest that they will go down in history along with others who are known by only
one name.
Judas and Arnold to name two.