Chicken In Chief

When is a ‘Red Line’ not a read line?
When is ‘Going it alone’ not a decisive action?
Wnen is the statement, ‘We will go AROUND Congress’, just more hot air?

When a spineless. out of control president does not have the spine to do what he says.
Pres. Obama has shown that he is terrified to put his ‘thumb print’ on any action. He has not actaully done anything in his tenure were he can take the blame for something going wrong, and correctly take the praise for something going right (which really hasn’t happened).

He boasted, that he will attack Syria, and doesn’t need to ask congress, as long as the World says it’s ok. That way he can blame the U.N. and other countries.
Now, they have bailed out, so he is hoping that Congress says it’s ok. This way he can blame Congress. Hopefully, they will also say no.

He did this with Obamacard, All of the repressive activities by the N.S.A, N.E.A., I.R.S., I.C.E., I.R.S. and E.P.A.. These ‘administrative’ agencies have been for, for the last 4+ years, been doling out regulations by the truck load, and yet he can ‘conviently’ say, “It wasn’t me, it was them”

Our President is a ‘chicken’. He is the Bully Leader of a pack of tormenting agencies. When things go bad, he just blames the agencies.

At least Pres. Bush, Pres. Clinton, heck even Pres. Carter had the GUTS to take the blame for the actions they took. Not this one. We have a spineless chicken in charge of the most powerful military, economy and society, and he is making us all look like the weenie that he is.