When Private Industry or Persons Sponsor the Police


This sounds like the wild, wild west. Having the police ‘sponsored’ by business or individuals sounds like “Guns for Hire”.
Who will the “police” serve? The People? The Town/County/State?
OR, their benefactors?
Let’s just take a ‘for instance’.
If a drug lord were to “sponsor” a police department with a LARGE sum of money, will that department necessarily ‘ignore’
the large shipments of Heroine entering the city?

How about Illegal Alien Trafficking? Could ignorance to that be ‘bought off’?

If they get large donations from many different ‘street gangs’ would they start to play favorites based on
the volume of money coming in?

This is a BAD idea. Even if it were to stay as only an idea, those who thought of if should be thrown in
jail. If it were to be enacted, well, Heaven help The People.