OK, We've Been Boned Once More

Once again, Mr. Boehner, Mr. McConnell and the Obama Republicans in the House
and Senate, have driven us over another hurdle to Total Systemic Failure.
Well, we lost that battle, and we must once again draw a line in the sand.

I propose that we start pushing our congress’People’ to start reforming
the voting process. Voter ID Now (VIN).

We have admission by the courts and the left that that there should be some
sort of Voter ID. The last election, we were right on the cusp of success,
but time was against us. We were told that it was too late to implement any
new infrastructure.

WELL!? We have two years!
Let’s get it done! Let’s get it done NOW.

VIN for the entire U.S. Voting public. If a person cannot afford the $15 or so
that a municipality will charge, we can just tack it onto one of the 100 or
so welfare programs we have.
If a person cannot get to a location to get the I.D., we can go to them.
It is a small price to pay, (much smaller than unemployment, food stamps,
farm subsidies, Sugar tax, Green Energy, etc, etc, etc)

So, Let Us get this thing started so we can get it done by Nov. 2014.