FEMA And The Lineman

I live on Long Island, N.Y.
Yesterday we were hit with a nor’easter which brought wind, rain, snow and cold.
As I was returning to my home, I saw and thanked profusely a lineman repairing the
power lines to my block. He was from a middle western state. He was up in the bucket,
in the wind, rain/snow, and cold, repairing the power lines so the dozen or so people
on my block, who he doesn’t know and owes no allegiance to, could have power.

The same day, as we find out this morning, the FEMA rescue centers in New York were
‘Closed, due to the weather’. This, folks is an indoor assistance center. What’s up
with that?!

Anyway, this is a stark view of Government VS. Private Sector help and dedication.
Government does what they do, with our money on THEIR terms.
Private Sector does with their money on OUR terms.

I pray every night for my children that they may experience a life as free and
rewarding as I had.
BUT, when I see this, reality strikes with a hard fist. All I can do is hope that
the tools I gave them, my education and morals, and any financial assistance in my
power, will ease the toil which they are about to experience.