Guarnateed Retirement Account: Take Two

Time Bomb? Banks Pressured to Buy Government Debt

The impetus behind the government’s proposal to create a
‘Guaranteed Retirement Account’ for all Americans is the
need/desire to get their greedy little hands on the $18 Trillion
That Americans have in Stocks, IRA’s, 401K’s, Pensions, and savings.
That money, The Government believes, is really theirs. They
just don’t know how to get at it.

Well, thanks to some ‘slight of hand’, it appears that they have
come up with a simple, non-law, end-around, Constitution avoiding
plan to get at it.
They are suggesting that the Banks buy The Government Debt, in
return for an IOU, to be paid back some time in the future, with
some (most likely fake) interest on principal.

The BANKS own everything. Your salary, your job, your investments,
your property, in effect, your person. Because, the economy is
money, and the banks control the flow of money. AND now the Banks will
be converting some of that money from private ownership to Government

Guaranteed Retirement Accounts were too specific. The Government is
going, directly, after the people and ALL of their private property.

They are also laying down a long term plan for private business (Banks)
takeover. When the Government BOND debt reaches a certain percentage of
the overall holdings of the BANK, they will be deemed unstable. At that
point, as we have seen recently, The Government WILL declare the bank
unfit for business, and they will shut it down or take it over.

This is NOT a good plan, for the people, the banks or the county. We MUST,
in this election cycle, extract all progressive players (Dems AND Repubs)
from office. Sweep clean The House, The Senate and The President.