Florida Announces January Primary - HUH!?

So Florida has a primary in January.

Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina then soon follow. ALL vying for the right to declare that they are THE state that has chosen the next President.

I say they are jumping the gun. Buying the first distribution of IPad. We know now that the newer IPads are much better. Faster, cheaper, more capable. The difference here is that once the primary is over, you cannot chose again. After voting in January, what can you do when C. Christie or S. Palin or ‘your favorite Conservative goes here’ jumps into the race. What do you do. You chose the best of the worst. You are done. Completed the task. An now must live with the fact that you have chosen a lesser candidate than your “best choice”. In effect, you let me actually perform the selection.

This is rediculous. I have to believe that it is being pushed heavily by the Liberals to narrow the choices and give them more time to dig up dirt. This is a ploy against our better judgement. Not an aide for it. This is a plan to get a quick result for a difficult decision.

Watch the polls from day to day, from week to week, and from month to month. Does anyone here really believe that we, the Conservative or the true Republicans, has actually narrowed our search! We are vetting candidates day to day. We are finding their weaknesses and strengths. We need more time.

OK, put it this way, if you had 14 months to live, would you really chose to go in 3?