Our President is Not Aware That he is a GUEST in Congress?

Based on the atricle below, Mr. Obama is not aware of the fact that he is NOT allowed to just saunter into the House chambers without an appointment. It is rather uncouth of him to assume that he can just order Congress around as he does below. And that he only has 1/3 of the power. Not a larger 1/3, but exactly 1/3 of the governmental power.

And, this speech has been put off for at least 6 months. So obviously there is no hurry.

Sit down Mr. President, make a polite request and wait your turn. Sept. 8th is just fine for your antics and ‘Same-old, Same-old’ worn out speech about taxing the rich, tormenting business and taking jobs from the private sector only to give them to your friendly neighborhood Union Workers.

Yup, we heard it all before. And frankly, no one really cares to hear it again.