Only In America

No, not the song from West Side Story.

Today we wake up to learn that the concrete workers union, which is working on the “Freedom Towers” in New York, are on strike. Apparently they believe that they should get a raise during these wonderfully fruitful fiscal times.

Ok, so we have come to expect that. The Unions, all of them, operate on the same rules as our President. Me, I, My.

But we also can discover that the “Ground Zero Mosque” is still moving forward. Still fund raising. Still working to sway city ordinance.

This county is doomed. We have the collective attention span of a 1 year old child. Our ability to focus on what is important or necessary lacks the maturity needed to sustain our beliefs and our country.

“Freedom Towers” on hold because of the selfish Unions and our apathy. “Ground Zero Mosque” in full swing because of our apathy.

Only In America.