None Too Rich or Too Poor

During his 2008 campaign, B.H. Obama declared that no one should be too rich or too poor.

He also pointed out that he believed in transferring the wealth. Spread it around. Paraphrasing, “Take from the rich and give to the poor”.

But I find this rhetoric just a little odd when we see his plans in action. As president, Mr. Obama has declared war on all families income by aiding and abetting the bilking of our food products to be used for fuel. First, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. It is, even in the simple view, inefficient at best. But more to my point here is that this is causing exactly what any sane person would guess. Rising Food Prices AND Food Shortages. This problem hits the poor more than the rich. As food costs approach the weekly salary of the poor, their lives, those that B.H. Obama campaigned for, are more adversely affected than the “Rich”.

Then we look at the issue with Oil/Gas prices. They are skyrocketing. More than double when he took office. His answer, “get used to the new prices” AND “You may want to trade in the old car”. Phew!? That is cold. More to the point. No matter what car a person owns, the cost of gas is now a major budget item for the lower income families. Again, the cost is approaching their weekly income. HIS solution is rather a slap in the face to those he campaigned on.

We also see that it is now almost impossible to eat, drive AND heat your house. For the average family, it is a juggling act which must be carefully balance or fiscal failure will occur.

Obama answers this by not allowing drilling for oil AND pouring money (taxes) into alternate fuels, fanning the flame of failure.

None too rich or too poor. Epic Fail. The people Obama wanted to punish (Rich) are feeling none or little pain, while the people the HE championed are taking it in the BUTT. Yet they back him. HE takes more, they back him. HE puts them into the street, they back him.

We need the Conservative Freshmen in Congress to act. Take Mr. Boehner aside and inform him that his spineless acquiescence to Obama and Reid will do no good for the country. Stand fast, shut down if necessary and START GETTING U.S. BACK ON TRACK!!!